Arch Insurance

Streamlining the business process and delivering operational efficiencies around the management of policy and claim documents.

The Problem

The management of documents and policies across many geographical locations was technically challenging and time consuming.

Arch Insurance Europe provides insurance to businesses and individuals worldwide from offices in the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia. The process of quoting for and providing policies as well
as managing any claims generates a large number of paper and electronic documents each year. 


With staff located across the globe and external third party brokers and claims handlers to share documents and content with, the process of managing documents had become  technically  challenging and time consuming.


Arch Insurance had been using a multiple systems to manage
their documents and content.

The Solution

ImageFast implemented a document management solution based on SharePoint.

Arch Insurance established that they required a unified document
management solution to address the business and technical challenges associated to their existing, fragmented solution, and streamline the way end users interacted with documents required to do their jobs.


After researching several solutions and completing an extensive tender process, Arch Insurance selected ImageFast to implement a new document management solution based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with tight integration with their core line-of-business
application, ‘Iris’.  


The solution delivered by ImageFast provides business process improvements by automating the creation of policy and claim sites within SharePoint when a client record is created to Iris.


The new solution has provided process improvements and efficiencies to the business.

The SharePoint solution implemented by ImageFast has delivered a number of clearly measurable business benefits, including improving efficiencies by providing a single unified solution for managing all work; improved accessibility for employees to access information; process improvements and increased user adoption by over 50%

“ImageFast have a good understanding of the Insurance Industry which helped to create a design for the solution that understood what the user required and helped with adoption of the new system." 


"The Proactive approach by ImageFast with the project team and the business users helped build a good working relationship, combined with ImageFast’s excellent technical capabilities enabled a successful solution delivery that is already benefiting the business.”

Nelly Henry - Project Manager

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