Content Capture and Discovery

Capture and discover all of your information and data from your documents helping to improve processes and aid compliance.  

Organisations now communicate with clients and suppliers in many diverse ways, using different communications media. These interactions must be captured automatically in a reliable and timely manner to minimise costs, ensure compliance, improve customer service and extract intelligence from incoming communications.

Our solutions range from bulk
scanning and indexing of unstructured mixed documents through to the automatic capture of structured information from forms and invoices using advanced recognition techniques.

We provide


Intelligent scanning & capture 

Augment your business process with the automated capture of information and data from documents, forms and contracts.


Automated invoice processing

Intelligently capture information and data from your invoices to improve your accounts payable processes, improve accuracy and reduce input costs.


Bulk scanning and document capture

Digitise your files, unlock knowledge held in paper and backup data assets creating searchable and secure electronic documents and records. 


Locate and analyse dark content

Automatically find, organise and classify content in your organisation's repositories. Discover what content you do have and eliminate business risk.  Remove  duplicates and archive or destroy expired records.


Identify personal identifiable info

Increase compliance by finding Personal Identifiable Information in your documents and define actions on how this information is managed and controlled.


Mobile capture

Turn your mobile devices into information capture devices, to allow the capture of information, photos and data, improving your business process.

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Improving the claims handling process with process automation

Talbot Underwriting

Streamlining the underwriting process to deliver
operational efficiency

Arch Insurance

Providing operational management of policy and claims documents

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Creating a digital workplace is now imperative for the survival of companies, ensuring that your documents, content and data are managed effectively and available to your workforce when required and no matter what the location.  

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