Robotic Process Automation

Strategies to Automate any process

RPA can deliver significant benefits to organisations delivering process efficiency, improved customer service and cost reduction.  Download your RPA Pack for information on how RPA works, how to decide on what processes to automate and other useful information

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How RPA Works


Decide which processes to automate with RPA

RPA is not suitable for all processes, so choosing the right processes that will provide a good ROI is important to ensure a successful project


Build a Robot

Robots can be built that will perform a defined set of tasks in a process, many robots can be built with simple drag and drop components and allow integration between different applications and the sharing of data.  


Deploy the Robot 

Once developed the robot can be deployed either in an unattended meaning the robot will just complete all of the tasks or attended where by it could find some information but would then need some human input before moving to the next level.


Scale out to the Organisation

Robots can run 24 x 7, performing different tasks on several processes. this allows RPA to be scaled out to the enterprise helping improve many different processes.

ImageFast’s market knowledge and collaborative approach ensured the smooth integration of legacy bureau technology into the Lockton business and claims workflow creating additional capacity to focus on the most important thing, the client.

Lockton International



  • Reduce Labour Cost 

  • Improve Process Efficiency

  • Improved Quality, Reduced Errors

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • platform for efficient Business Growth & Scale



  • Insurance

  • Financial Services

  • Utilities & Energy

  • Government

  • General Commercial

Our RPA offering



RPA Strategy

We help you understand how RPA can help your organisation, helping you to identify the best processes for RPA implementation and identifying where you will gain a quick ROI.



We can help implement robots, either as part of your team or controlling the whole project for you, we also provide specialist development resources for more complex implementations.


Ongoing Support

Once your Robots are up and running, ensuring that they continue to run and are updated as your processes change is imperative.  We provide ongoing support and assistance to our clients ensuring the long term success of RAP.

Our Track Record


Lockton International

Using RPA to streamline the claims process, and free up staff to improve client service.

Talbot Underwriting

Streamlining the underwriting process to deliver operational efficiency

Lockton International

How RPA has helped streamline the sanctions screening process to improve processing times.

Our RPA workshop takes you through the benefits of RPA, how to identify the best processes for RPA and setting up an internal centre of excellence.

We also share our experience on RPA implementations and what you need to be aware of and also plan for.

Want to Learn more about RPA

Book a Discovery Session with one of our technology experts to learn more about our solutions or to discuss a project that you have in mind.