Solutions Sets
ImageFast implement technology solutions to help organisations to improve their business processes and manage their documents and information more effectively.
We use best of breed software solutions combined with our knowledge and know how to build leading information management solutions
Solutions to capture data and information from paper and digital sources
The key element to any business process is ensuring that all of the data is captured ensuring that all of the business knowledge and data can be retained and used throughout any process. Scanning solutions include document scanning, OCR, data extraction, forms processing, document generation.
Solutions to manage your documents and digital assets
Ensuring that your documents, data and information are stored in a secure, centralised location that allows access to users in an easily searchable manner.  Manage solutions include document management, records management and knowledge management solutions.
Solutions to automate and streamline your business processes
Automating your business processes helps to streamline your operations, reduce costs and more effectively react to changing markets and new ways of doing business.  Automate solutions include business process management, workflow and robotic process automation.
Solutions to measure and report on your processes and information
An information management solution should be constantly evolving so the ability to report and measure your processes, time taken, identify bottlenecks and general usage stats are critical to any solution.  
Solutions to integrate your processes and documents with business applications
Integration is key to the success of any process automation, the ability to integrate both inbound (accept data coming in) and outbound (sending data back to systems) is required to ensure line of business systems can be updated.  Integration also need to consider how documents and records are stored and managed through a business process.
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