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ImageFast provide a full range of tailored development services, whether you are looking for a full business application, system integration or help to assist your own development team.  

We understand that our clients all have unique and different sets of requirements, so we tailor our development services to meet the specific needs of each. If you need cloud, mobile or business application development services, then ImageFast can help.

We provide


Application Design

ImageFast has extensive experience of designing business applications that have the flexibility to be deployed and used effectively on multiple device types.
Our team can work with you to provide a full application design service or augment your existing team by focusing on specific parts.


UX / UI Design

Adoption of any application is generally governed by how easy it is to use.  Our UX / UI design team can work with you to ensure that you consider everything from analysing the user journey through to designing, implementing and validating a user interface married to the technologies and delivery platforms that the application will use.


Application Integration

It is imperative that any new solution has the ability to integrate with your existing business applications and infrastructure, ensuring they are maximising your investment.  
ImageFast has vast experience of integrating third-party and custom-built applications, ensuring that you are creating data flows across your organisation. 


Solutions Development

Our Development team has extensive experience of creating solutions for desktop, cloud or mobile.


Our teams can take full control of any development or work alongside your existing development team on specific projects.  


We work in an integrated fashion, and can adapt to waterfall or agile delivery approaches.  Where possible, we always look to develop hybrid applications that are cloud and mobile ready to meet the ever-changing demands of businesses.  


Mobile App Development

More organisations are moving to remote working and require the ability for their employees and customers to interact with people and data through their mobile devices.  
ImageFast’s development team can work with you to design, develop and implement mobile apps built on Microsoft’s Power Platform through to rich multi-platform apps for Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows devices. 

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Improving the claims handling process with process automation

Talbot Underwriting

Streamlining the underwriting process to deliver
operational efficiency

Arch Insurance

Providing operational management of policy and claims documents

C#  Angular  React  JavaScript, JQuery JSON  CSS, HTML  REST   

Whether you are looking to develop a new business application, integrate different systems or enhance your reach with mobile applications.  Our Development teams have a wealth of experience implementing solutions with the most up to date development languages and techniques.

leveraging technology for smarter solutions

Cloud Migrations   |   Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Consultancy

Azure Platform and Services   |   Data Capture and Scanning   |   Automation & AI

Document Management   |   Digitizing Business Process   |   Custom App Development

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