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Discovery and Capture

Ensure you are discovering and capturing content
and intelligence
to make more informed decisions

Discovery:  Gain a full understanding of your content and information landscape and shine a light on dark content in your organisation

Locate and analyse
dark content
Identify content with Personal Identifiable Info 
Maintain regulatory compliance
Apply rules
for content
Content intelligence starts by fully understanding all of the content and data that needs to be captured and managed so it can be made to work more effectively within your organisation through intelligent orchestration and integration with your business processes.

Capture:  Intelligent scanning and capture solutions with rules-based extraction
of data from paper and electronic documents

scan paper documents
Extract data through intelligent OCR 
electronic documents
Make captured content work for your business 
Intelligent Capture goes beyond the traditional scanning and indexing of paper and electronic documents to include the identification, extraction and classification of data from documents which can then be fed to business applications, processes and workflows.
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