Endpoint Management

Get endpoint security, device management and intelligent cloud actions in a unified management platform with Microsoft Intune.

Take a flexible approach to cloud management  with Microsoft Intune, secure, deploy and manage all users, apps and devices without disrupting your business processes.

We help organisations understand how to manage their IT estates, ensuring they keep their critical data and information safe, whilst allowing users to perform their roles.

We provide


Intune planning 

Helping you understand the benefits and how Intune can be implemented within your organisation, to provide security and reassurance.


Intune setup & configuration

Assistance with implementing the platform and configuration of your endpoints and rules around usage and access.


Ongoing Managed Service

Providing ongoing support and expert assistance allowing you to maximise the benefits of Microsoft Intune.

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Improving the claims handling process with process automation

Talbot Underwriting

Streamlining the underwriting process to deliver
operational efficiency

Arch Insurance

Providing operational management of policy and claims documents

Book a Discovery Session with one of our technology experts to discuss your IT estate management and security requirements and understand if Intune can help.  

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The cloud offers many benefits to organisations, but there are lots of aspects to consider other than just the migration of data and documents.

Our migration strategies can help you ensure a successful migration and ongoing use of your cloud platform.

Migrating to the Cloud

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