ImageFast has close to 20 years' experience working with leading energy, oil and gas companies to develop strategies and implement technology solutions to streamline their business processes, manage their information more effectively and ensure compliance with regulatory procedures

The Energy sector is currently seeing significant changes in the UK, and organisations must adapt and transform in order to survive and capitalise on the opportunities these changes present. 

The key issues revolve around the 'energy trilemma' - the unenviable task of balancing security of supply and rising costs, while mitigating environmental impact.  Technology is also having a significant impact on the power and utilities sector, with smart metering and other technologies allowing new entrants into the market.  Low commodity prices are causing disruption, within the mining, oil, gas and chemical sectors as companies look to consolidate and find new ways to reduce costs.  With the market share of the existing providers shrinking, many are re-evaluating their operating models and their relationship with the customer, to ensure their long-term survival. 


In order to tackle this challenge innovative solutions are emerging - from implementation of technologies such cloud and robotics; the use of analytics; flexible IT solutions to help drive and adapt to business change; easier access to information and knowledge and streamlining of business processes by implementing automated solutions.
ImageFast have a vast experience in helping Energy sector customers drive their business forward with innovative solutions to help them manage their data, documents and processes more effectively.  We have worked with organisations such as SSE, ENI, Gazprom and International Power.

20 years' experience helping energy, oil and gas companies
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