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Warnford Court, 29 Throgmorton Street, London, EC2N 2AT

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Empower your Information

Helping organisations capture, manage and
automate their information and data
We implement scalable technology solutions for organisations that have challenges managing large volumes of complex documents, data and information to help streamline business processes, save money, reduce risk and increase your competitive advantage.

What we Do

Digital Strategy
Helping you understand what digital disruption is and how to implement a strategy to transform systems and processes to thrive in the digital world.
Technology Consulting
Guiding you through the process of designing, implementing and supporting scalable technology solutions maximising your investment in technology.
Insurance Solutions
Technology solutions to help managing agents, brokers and coverholders to improve their business processes and manage their documents and information more effectively.

Our Solution Sets


How We Help

ImageFast guides you through the process of building and implementing successful, scalable information management solutions, maximising the return on your technology investment.
We apply our deep-rooted product knowledge, strong programme management disciplines, standards-based methodologies and collaborative approach to all projects we handle to achieve successful results.
20 years' experience helping insurance companies

ImageFast have been selected to participate in the Lloyd's Lab starting April 2019.

The Lloyd’s Lab is a fast-track, experimental environment where new...

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Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are facing increasing business and regulatory pressures related to how they manage their information....

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