Insurance Solutions
ImageFast have a dedicated Insurance practice that is focused on helping deliver market transformation projects.  We have been working in the Insurance sector since 1998 and have a proven track record of architecting, implementing and supporting scalable enterprise business solutions both on-premises and in the cloud.
ImageFast implement technology solutions to help managing agents, members agents, brokers and coverholders to improve their business processes and manage their documents and information more effectively.
Underwriting Process
Solutions to streamline your underwriting process
Bringing the whole underwriting process into an automated end-to-end solution that facilitates the structured and compliant processing of risks.  Helps to enforce compliance, facilitate auditing and monitor SLA’s with full checks such as peer review, risk quality review and risk appetite.
Claims Handling Process
Solutions to accelerate your claims handling process
Automatically capture information and data from documents to accelerate the routing of risks around the organisation for sign-off. Manage the whole process ensuring that the processing of claims is handled within service levels and any bottlenecks or delays are efficiently escalated and audited. Integrate with the ECF.
Outsourcing Control
Solutions to bring control to your outsourced bureau data entry
It is common practice to outsource high volume, low complexity tasks to external agencies for manual processing.  Managing the outsourcing of bureau data entry and other services requires the adoption of a content collaboration platform, along with business process management and reporting to manage SLA’s, exceptions and management information.
Contract Quality and Contract Certainty
Solutions to reduce risk and ensure contract quality and contract certainty
Ensure your policy contracts and terms reflect what was agreed with the broker and the insured and the correct wordings, clauses and exclusions are in place reducing your risk of contract exposure by integrating wordings repositories and model clauses.
Integrated Document Management
Solutions to bring control to your client policy documentation
The ImageFast ECM Framework for Insurance which is a document management solution that integrates with your core policy management application and streamlines the process of managing policies and claims by intelligently linking documents to client records and data delivering process efficiencies and cost savings by connecting people to documents.
Peer Review
Ensure quality control and compliance for your risks
Peer reviews are a key element to enforce quality and compliance and should be conducted on risks matching a specific profile or as part of an agreed sampling rule. ImageFast have developed a rules-based solution that enables specific risks to be peer reviewed in an audited, secure and compliant manner. 
Solvency II and Compliance
Ensure Solvency II compliance by keeping track of your documents and records
A structured and centralised documentation platform that provides systematic management of documents without impacting on daily business practice, integrates with core systems to facilitate easy storage and retrieval of data and provide full reporting capabilities for compliance purposes.
Slip / MRC Scanning
Solutions to automate the capture of slip and MRC documents and data
Improve the ability of underwriters and brokers to scan and capture documents at the Box, or at their desk with minimal effort, reducing processing time and ensuring that critical documents are captured at source. Simplify your capture process and ensure that you store all contract documents to a single repository.
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Download your free copy of the ImageFast Insurance Solutions Playbook to learn which key solutions insurance companies must consider to help increase efficiency, lower costs, and lead to better analytics and management reporting.
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