Screening Checks

Streamlining the sanctions screening process process with use of robotic process automation.

The Problem

Approximately 18,000 screening checks are completed each year, which requires a large amount of human manual process.

The Lockton Financial Crime team are accountable for all sanctions screening processes and review sanctions alerts as part of the new business process. To conform to compliance regulations, all prospective clients’ applications must be sanctions screened using LexisNexis, an external, web-based legal research and risk management service, before the cover is organised with Carriers.

Approximately 18,000 sanctions screening checks are completed each year. The manual process requires a large amount of human interaction by the regional offices business teams which are both time consuming and potentially open to error exposing risk to the business

The Solution

ImageFast implemented intelligent automation using Kofax RPA.

ImageFast designed and implemented an intelligent automation solution to monitor business applications and automatically run sanctions screening checks in LexisNexis. The implemented solution reduces the risk of errors and omissions from missed checks, improves compliance and streamlines the processes.

The automated solution removed the requirement for regional business teams to perform the sanctions checks with any exceptions to sanctions screening checks are automatically escalated to the Financial Crime team for approval to proceed within 24 hours.


Furthermore, the implemented solution is scalable to manage bulk sanctions screening checks based on an Excel spreadsheet creating opportunity to extend automated sanctions screening beyond the UK and Ireland.


The automated solution removed the requirement for human sanctions checking, freeing up capacity.

The automated solution removed the requirement for regional business teams to perform the sanctions checks, therefore, freeing capacity to focus on revenue-generating activities.  The scalable solutions allows for expansion and growth in the future.

“ImageFast’s London Market insurance knowledge and collaborative approach ensured the smooth integration of legacy bureau technology into the Lockton business and claims workflow creating additional capacity to focus on the most important thing, the client.”

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