Migration & Integration

Migration and integration services help businesses take advantages of new technology whilst maintaining links to historical data and applications.

Whether migrating to the cloud or removing legacy applications, we have experience of migrating vast amounts of information, data and documents.  

Our migration services will ensure that you have a defined process to move your applications, information, data and documents onto new infrastructure whether on-premise or cloud.

We provide


Legacy Systems Migration

We will guide you through the process of migrating from legacy applications to a new breed of application, ensuring your data and documents are transferred.


Systems Integration

The key to providing business applications for your users is the ability to integrate with different data points to provide information to the users when they need it.


Microsoft Cloud Migration

Many organisations are now moving their email, documents and data to the Microsoft cloud, realising the benefits of the new platform.


Azure Migration

There are many things to consider when moving your infrastructure to Azure.  Our defined programs ease your path to full migration or hybrid working.


SharePoint Online Migration

Helping you move your SharePoint estate into the cloud, migrating  your information data and documents to SharePoint online.

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Improving the claims handling process with process automation

Talbot Underwriting

Streamlining the underwriting process to deliver
operational efficiency

Arch Insurance

Providing operational management of policy and claims documents

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Our managed support services can support your organisations infrastructure, cloud and applications.  Whether you need support for the whole estate or specialist support for certain aspects our support team can help.

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