Delivering a Modern Workplace

The future of work is changing with organisations looking to provide flexibility in the physical and virtual workplace.  Empowering people to do their best work can only be achieved with the right tools in place to provide a collaborative yet secure work environment.    

In a modern workplace people should be able to collaborate, gain access to their data and documents and perform their role no matter where they are.

Through years of experience, we have gained a unique insight into how organizations can maximise the effectiveness of their technology to ensure that they are providing a flexible workplace to allow productivity and ensure security.

How we help:


Effective collaboration and communication

Improving the way that people communicate and share information is critical when spanning the physical and virtual workplaces.

Collaborative platforms such as Teams and SharePoint allow the sharing of information and help improve communication amongst teams and colleagues.


Management of information, data and documents.

Ensuring that you are effectively capturing your information, managing your data and documents, making them available to workers when they need them and in a secure manner.  

Providing systems that provide secure management of documents such as OpenText or SharePoint help organisation retain control of their information resources.


Improving your business processes

Improved productivity comes from managing the business processes more effectively.  Providing the ability for workers to see their tasks and have access to the relevant information to be able to process these tasks is critical when dealing with a distributed workplace.

Solutions from Nintex, Microsoft and kofax help in these areas.


Automating your manual tasks.

Manual repetitive tasks often slow down business processes and often lead to errors that need to be rectified.

By implementing robotic processing solutions such as Kofax RPA, Microsoft or UIPath, organisations can remove bottlenecks and have their workers spending more time on more productive tasks.


Capturing your Information 

When working in the virtual world, organisations still need to cater for letters or paper documents ensuring that they are captured and then dispersed to knowledge workers for processing.

Solutions such as Kofax Capture provide the ability to scan, index and extract information from paper documents in a centralised or mobile environment.


Enterprise grade security

Allowing access to your company's information in a virtual world requires extra security and management to ensure that you are keeping it safe. 

Microsoft provides endpoint management, identity access management and advanced threat protection to your business, helping to keep your data safe and IT estate secure.

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Creating a digital workplace is now imperative for the survival of companies, ensuring that your documents, content and data are managed effectively and available to your workforce when required and no matter what the location.

Picking a partner to help you on the journey is critical to your success. Some of the projects that we help our clients with are listed below.

Delivering a modern Workplace

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