Talbot Underwriting

ImageFast helps Talbot Underwriting streamline underwriting processes and deliver operational visibility around the processing of policy cases, review processes, SLAs and BI

The Problem

A new workflow solutions was required to help improve the management and visibility of the underwriting process.

As part of a comprehensive business transformation initiative, Talbot invested in a number of IT enhancements to their underwriting process.


Talbot’s legacy Workflow solution was not delivering the required business benefits being inefficient, expensive to run and too rigid for the way Talbot did business.

The Solution

ImageFast implemented a new workflow solution based on K2.

After consultation the decision was taken to replace the existing legacy workflow solution that was not delivering the required business benefits, was not flexible to accommodate business change and offered poor performance.


The scope of this project was to replace the existing underwriting workflow solution with a new case management approach, with one case per Policy, MTA or Pre-Bind.  A powerful, flexible, secure web based solution was implemented.


The workflow solution has helped improve efficiency and adaptability of the business.

The ImageFast solution implemented within Talbot has delivered a number of clearly measureable business benefits such as improved automation and performance; flexibility to adapt to changes, improved efficiency and increased compliance.

"The Workflow initiative formed an integral part of a programme of activities to improve the effectiveness of how Talbot operates. We now have a solution that is faster than our legacy solution and one which can be changed a lot more easily."

Michael Gould - Chief Operating Officer

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