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About Imagefast

We are a team of technology consultants that excel at creating smart solutions, improving processes, transforming businesses to thrive, and delivering superb IT support services.

Imagefast has been delighting clients in insurance, banking, and other sectors since 1997

We are based in London and has built a stellar team of UK technology consultants, technology solutions experts and an expert IT support services team which has delivered successful information management projects and document management solutions for major private sector and public sector organisations for more than two decades

Imagefast helps clients solve information management problems, transform and modernise business processes and support their IT systems and users via a flexible set of technology consulting and professional services, solution design and development services, and managed IT services and support

Solving your information management problems

Working in partnership with you

We like to work in partnership with you, where we have combined project teams working towards a common goal.  In our experience, this produces the best results.   We also aim to become a trusted advisor to your organisation, and realise that when engaging with you, we need to provide expertise and value not just for this project but also into the future.    

Our technology consultants are known for their honesty, humour, and collaborative style, as well as their technical and business capabilities. They don’t simply accept a project or problem at face value but work hard to get to the root of the challenge and understand underlying dynamics, drivers, and interlinked business processes.

Our Team help make the difference


Lloyd's Contract Confidence

We run the LLoyd's Contract Confidence tool for the insurance market.  It is an insurance contract quality assurance solution developed for Lloyd’s of London and is the only such solution now recommended by Lloyd’s for all its brokers, syndicates, and members.

Can we help solve your challenge?

The first step in addressing an information management challenge, improving a process, or removing a limitation that is holding you back is to talk about it with an information technology consulting expert.  Book a 30-minute consultation without obligation with an Imagefast senior advisor today and we can find the first steps towards a solution together

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