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Case Studies

Success means different things to different organisations. Our technology consulting case studies and success stories show how we create distinct solutions to client problems, to define and realise improvements that deliver business value and process efficiencies that our clients can feel and measure.

For more than 20 years, the technology consulting team at Imagefast has worked with organisations across the private and public sector.

Some clients come to use for a single project only. Others have stayed for years. We’ve worked with RBS for more than two decades through multiple corporate risk management system upgrades, processing millions of documents


Imagefast’s capability and commitment to deliver constantly and consistently to high quality standards is reflected in our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accreditation


“The Workflow initiative formed an integral part of a programme of activities to improve the effectiveness of how Talbot operates. We now have a solution that is faster than our legacy solution and one which can be changed a lot more easily.”

Michael Gould - Chief Operating Officer

Talbot Underwriting required a new workflow solution to help improve the management and visibility of its underwriting process.  Its legacy solution was performing poorly. It was neither delivering the business or cost efficiencies required nor was it flexible enough to adapt to changes in the business.

Imagefast consulted on the challenge, and the decision was made to develop a new case management approach to the workflow needs.  We developed a powerful, flexible and fresh web-based workflow solution based on K2 process management software, with one case per Policy, MTA or Pre-Bind.

The client gained new efficiency and adaptability from the new solution. It delivered clearly measurable business benefits such as improved automation and performance; flexibility to adapt to changes, improved efficiency and increased compliance.

Arch Insurance was finding the management of documents and policies across numerous geographies worldwide to be technically challenging, cumbersome and time-consuming. Staff based in the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia were dealing with customers around the globe and generating vast quantities of paper and electronic documents. Documents and content needed to be shared with external third party brokers and claims handlers in many countries.

Imagefast was chosen from an extensive roster of potential suppliers, and helped the company to transition from multiple document and content management systems to a single platform. It shaped and implemented a SharePoint solution that integrated seamlessly with the company’s core line-of-of business system: Iris.

The new unified solution automated the creation of policy and claim sites within SharePoint whenever a client record was created to the Iris system. It created demonstrable business efficiencies giving staff a single system on which to manage work and easier access to information that together increased user adoption by more than 50%.


“Imagefast have a good understanding of the insurance industry which helped to create a design for the solution that understood what the user required and helped with adoption of the new system. The proactive approach with the project team and the business users helped build a good working relationship; combined with Imagefast’s excellent technical capabilities this enabled a successful solution delivery that is already benefiting the business.”

Nelly Henry - Project Manager


“Imagefast’s London Market insurance knowledge and collaborative approach ensured the smooth integration of legacy bureau technology into the Lockton business and claims workflow creating additional capacity to focus on the most important thing, the client.”​

Lockton International

Lockton International worked with Imagefast to embrace Robotic Process Automation to streamline complex, costly and inefficient claims handling process which were also prone to human error due to its repetitive nature.

Its team of remote workers were interacting manually with three separate line-of-business applications to monitor claims, create tasks, assign claim handlers and manage the end-to-end process. It processes around 20,000 messages per year from the London Market claims application: CLASS.

Imagefast implemented an intelligent RPA solution using Kofax RPA software, to monitor CLASS and create and assign tasks to claims handlers automatically. It freed up remote workers from low-value monitoring work to add value for clients instead, and enabled Lockton to handle more requests per day – with live exception reporting incorporated.

Removing manual handling through intelligent automation reduced administrative overheads and enabled staff time to be focused on client service instead.

LIMOSS provide the online service Structured Data Capture (SDC) to the Lloyd’s Market, a service that converts the content of Market Reform Contract (MRC) documents into consistent, electronic data during the risk placement process, which can then be consumed by any IT system where the data is usually re-keyed. 

Due to the complexity of the SDC solution which includes Azure cloud hosting, third party applications, bespoke developments and integrations with other insurance platforms, LIMOSS needed a partner who had expertise in supporting market solutions and the all round technical knowledge to help support and improve the service.  

Imagefast were chosen by LIMOSS and helped implement a planned approach to support of the SDC solution, including developing out a standard operating model, daily service checks and automated alerting to issues, as well as providing technical assistance and support for the SDC service. Imagefast London based support team work hand in hand with LIMOSS Service Desk  providing level 2 and level 3 support of the solution as well as managing interaction and support with other third party vendors.


“Imagefast are a very proactive partner to LIMOSS, and their support team have a  good technical and market knowledge which has proved a valuable asset in providing the SDC service to the market. “ 


Imagefast Office Mockup.jpg

We often step in to succeed where others have not. Projects that have faltered with other vendors have become some of our proudest achievements. 

Other successes have come from our determination to find the true problem. That’s why Lloyd’s of London chose Imagefast to develop its Lloyd’s Contract Confidence solution.

We’d love to share more of our experience

We have many more examples of consulting case studies and successes to share and would be delighted to tell you more. Do you have a project in mind that requires unlimited and knowledgeable thinking? Get in touch for a 30 minute consultation with one of our senior advisors today.

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