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Unlimited Thinking
consulting approach

Our Unlimited Thinking consulting model helps us embrace a variety of challenges with a structured but simple, flexible and collaborative approach. It is based on industry standard methodologies tempered by years of consulting experience that makes it applicable to every unique client challenge and requirement



Just Listen

Listening is the start of every engagement. We want to understand your perception of the challenge, and your aims. We never hurry this essential stage of the process. It is not only revealing, but forms the foundation of our working relationship. It simply gets everyone on the same page


Defining the problem together 

We work to specify this in depth by talking through the needs, challenging you on details, reasoning, and any assumptions you may be making– but taking care to make no assumptions or early judgements of our own.


Assess from critical angles 

PEOPLE – How are people informed, supported, empowered to do their jobs, stay compliant with regulation? Who holds your business knowledge?

PROCESSES – How are processes supporting visibility, compliance, profitability, or success? Are they opaque, disconnected, incomplete?

PLATFORMS – how do present technologies and systems contribute? What degree of change is needed – can we evolve or augment them to meet current requirements?

CONTENT – how is this creating operational, cost or other hurdles? Are there silos, accessibility issues, hidden risks? Do you know what data you have? 


Design a shared destination

With a shared destination and firm aims in mind, we can build initial ideas. Then we develop a prototype or wireframe model to deliver a near-optimal solution you can see, feel and touch in a matter of days – not the weeks or months you might expect with bigger consulting firms.


Developing out the solution

Incorporating all the learnings and insights from earlier stages, we can expand on the established proof of concept. Agile methodologies with regular checkpoints for client input and feedback will enable rapid reworking and speedy solution delivery. We work with you collaboratively throughout, to assure maximum functionality, usability, and efficacy


Refine the solution in situ

We will be working with your team throughout implementation and adoption, to ensure your goals are met.  You’ll still be working with the same consultant(s) that you met at the start of the process, and everyone will know each other well by now – so we’ll take honest and open feedback and make rapid adjustments.


That’s the end of the beginning
of a wonderful relationship

Reaching an agreed final solution and putting it into practice is only the start.  

We see that as Day One of the rest of our relationship – whether you choose to use us for user onboarding, training, and ongoing support or not.

Can we help you define your business problem and
find a route to a solution?

Our unlimited thinking applies right from the start. Jump on a call with a senior advisor for 30 minutes, and you will discover that we won’t make assumptions or push any particular solution. We will simply listen, ask some challenging questions, and see if together we can find a starting point on your journey to resolving any issues, limits or needs you face

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