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Insurance digital transformation & business improvement

Enabling insurance digital transformation to drive insurance business process efficiency and modernise legacy systems


Imagefast partners with insurance clients to boost operational efficiency and address costs and risks that can be masked by current insurance business processes and contract or document management models


We develop and implement insurance digital transformation solutions to automate manual or aged processes, modernise legacy systems, upgrade digital business capabilities and migrate platforms, applications and data to the cloud.


Imagefast provides flexible supplementary or autonomous IT support and managed IT services for insurance firms. We deliver support via a team that truly understands insurance business dynamics and the demands faced by IT users.


Our Insurance Services

The key areas we help organisation solve are:


  • Technology consulting & advisory

  • Solution architecture & design

  • Solution and application development

  • Cloud transformation 

  • Document scanning and data migration

  • Managed IT support services

  • Managed cloud services


We are insurance technology consultants with more than 20 years’ experience supporting insurance digital transformation.

We have helped numerous insurance brands, brokers, and Lloyd’s syndicates to create new insurance business process efficiencies, transform insurance document management and modernise legacy applications and systems.

Our exceptional depth of industry experience enables us to help clients solve some of the unique challenges of insurance digital change, including how to migrate to the cloud, embrace mobility and unlock collaboration.

We have a vast experience of helping leading insurers, Lloyd's syndicates, brokers and managing agents to develop strategies and implement process automation solutions to manage their business processes more effectively.  

Deep Insurance Market Knowledge

LLoyd's Contract Confidence

We have a particularly deep comprehension of the needs of Lloyd’s market players and the dynamics of Lloyds contract compliance.

We were uniquely licenced to develop and deliver the Lloyd’s Contract Confidence solution for automated checking and quality assurance of insurance contracts and are the only vendor of this solution.


“The workflow initiative formed an integral part of a programme of activities to improve the effectiveness of how Talbot operates. We now have a solution that is faster than our legacy solution and one which can be changed a lot more easily”

​Michael Gould – Chief Operating Officer

Talbot Insurance asked us to streamline its underwriting process and improve the management and visibility of policy case and review processes, as part of a broad transformation initiative. Imagefast replaced poorly performing and inflexible legacy workflows with a powerful, flexible, secure cloud-based workflow solution based on K2 process automation software, bringing a raft of measurable efficiency and performance gains along with improved compliance.

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Speak with one of our insurance business consultants without any obligation for just 30 minutes and explore how you could solve a prevailing business problem, transform a critical insurance business process or support your insurance IT systems and users more effectively.

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