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Check Lloyd’s wordings and assure PBQA with Lloyd’s Contract Confidence tool

Discover how to scan and check Lloyd’s wordings, compare versions, check PBQA and assess insurance contracts against your risk appetite with our unique Lloyd's Contract Confidence too1

Lloyd’s Contract Confidence was developed to help Lloyd’s managing agents, underwriters, and brokers to compare and check their Lloyd’s contracts consistency and quality quickly, easily, and with confidence that there are no unseen and unknown discrepancies, risks, or wordings problems.

It is a unique PBQA solution that was developed with the market, for the market, and with the full support of Lloyd’s of London.

Designed for Lloyd’s contracts quality assurance


Simply better
Lloyd’s contracts

Lloyd’s Contract Confidence (LCC) helps you manage insurance contracts more efficiently and with lower risk of contract errors, inconsistencies and discrepancies that could compromise your compliance with insurance market regulations or Lloyd’s standards for conducting business.

Four modules, one solution


Rapidly identify variations between contract versions or in renewals

Need to know exactly what changes have been made from one version of an insurance contract to the next – even if they are in different document file formats?


Run Lloyd’s pre-bind quality assurance checks on any contract you need to validate

Perform market and class of business checks identifying which checks were successful with a simple RAG indicator and a descriptive message.


Comparison of your contract against the Lloyd’s Wordings Repository

Using Lloyd’s Wordings is best practice. Easily and automatically check against model wordings from the LMA and Lloyd’s Wordings Repository – and add your own clause libraries for even greater consistency.


Easily ensure contracts adhere to your risk appetite framework or underwriting controls

Only you know the risks you will accept. A drag and drop rules builder gives you similar power to the PBQA checks, and lets you build your own analysis engine to assess contracts for suitability and risk level.


Why Lloyd's

Lloyd's Contract Confidence helps you reduce :

  • Your risk of regulatory fines

  • the cost and time of manual contract checks

  • the cost of unintended coverage or bad policy wordings

  • the number of claim disputes

By helping you issue better insurance contracts checked for quality, content, consistency and acceptability Lloyd’s Contract Confidence can greatly improve contract certainty and mitigate the risks of contract reviews and renewals, in a single, powerful, business application

Want to find out more or book a demo

If you want to find out more information on Lloyd's Contract Confidence or book a demonstration to see the tool in actions then please get in touch.

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