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Digital transformation services

Imagefast’s digital transformation services help organisations adapt to the demands of modern economy and grasp every possible digital advantage to compete, thrive and operate, compete and thrive.


Our development and consulting teams work to design, develop or integrate new applications and solutions to automate manual tasks, speed business processes, enhance workflows, manage documents and data securely and efficiently, and capture content to release value.


Supporting clients on their journey to the cloud may mean moving the entire infrastructure or implementing cloud-based solutions to improve targeted business operations and workflows, enhance security, or migrate large volumes of data and documents to the cloud.


Imagefast helps clients to escape the limits of aged systems and inefficient workflows. We help equip organisations to reach their business goals, and empower staff to work more flexibly, productively and collaboratively – wherever they are working.


Our transformation consulting approach

Our team of digital transformation consultants take nothing as given and work collaboratively with you to identify the underlying dynamics behind your unique requirements.

Our Unlimited Thinking consulting approach builds on agile methodologies to deliver your ideal solutions designed with digital cloud, collaboration, document management, enterprise content and business process automation technologies.


Our Transform Services

The key areas we help organisation solve are:


  • Complete Microsoft Cloud capability

  • Content capture and discovery

  • Document and data management

  • Records management and compliance

  • Legacy application modernisation

  • Data and application migration

  • Application and UI/UX design

  • Solutions development

  • Application integration

Transforming ways of working

Organisations in many sectors struggle with large volumes of complex documents and data. Imagefast designs and implements flexible and scaleable technology solutions to make data in documents more visible, accessible, and useable, reducing hidden risks and unlocking hidden value.

Our clients often have business processes that are too complicated, rigid, slow, or expensive for today’s business needs. Imagefast will analyse, re-envision and streamline processes so you can save money, reduce risk, and increase your competitive advantage, including transitioning essential solutions to the cloud.

migrate data into flexible systems

Maximise efficiency and control

We want to become a trusted advisor to your organisation, and realise that when engaging with you, we need to provide expertise and value not just for this project but also into the future. We like to work in partnership with you, where we have combined project teams working towards a common goal.  In our experience, working alongside you produces the best results.


“Imagefast have a good understanding of the Insurance Industry which helped to create a design for the solution that understood what the user required and helped with adoption of the new system.  The Proactive approach by ImageFast with the project team and the business users helped build a good working relationship, combined with ImageFast’s excellent technical capabilities enabled a successful solution delivery that is already benefiting the business."

Arch Insurance asked us to help manage their documents, content and processes more effectively.  With staff located around the globe, Imagefast implemented a single unified solution or managing all work; improved accessibility for employees to access information; process improvements and increased user adoption by over 50%.

ISO 9001 and 27001 quality certification

Proven ability and track record of success meeting customer and regulatory quality standards consistently

Transforming the way you work

Transformation involves new ways of working, new ways of doing business and engaging and interacting with your clients and staff.  Our approach is to help you leverage technology to make these changes to your working practices, ensuring that they are easy to use and provide benefits to your organisation 

Experts in utilising technology

Our consultants are experts in maximising your investment in technology to meet your business aims.  We have a track record of implementing solutions utilising a wide range of technology platforms and solutions

Why ImageFast?

Can we help you adapt to a changing environment?

Seeing the need for change is one thing – knowing how to bring that change about is another. Take 30 minutes to speak with one of our senior digital transformation consultants and we will help you find how to move forwards.

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