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Speak to a technology expert to discuss your requirements and find out how ImageFast services and solutions may help you.  Book a session now. 

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Discovery Session

A Discovery Session can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours depending on your business and technology needs.  It can be shaped to meet your specific requirements but typically starts with a quick analysis of what you are trying to achieve and your organisation's current information, content and technology landscape.  

Our technology experts will undertake a fact-finding meeting with you,  enabling you to ask questions on possible solutions or just advice on how you may proceed with your requirements.

Discovery sessions are generally remote web sessions and allow you to quickly understand how ImageFast may be able to help you.

Microsoft 365   |   Dyanmics 365   |   SharePoint   |   Azure   |   OpenText   |   Kofax   |   Nintex / K2   

Cloud Migrations   |   Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Consultancy

Azure Platform and Services   |   Data Capture and Scanning   |   Automation & AI

Document Management   |   Digitizing Business Process   |   Custom App Development