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Reducing Risk of Contract Wordings with Automated Wordings Checking 
Wednesday 1st February 11am EST (45 Minutes)

All Insurers are trying to improve their confidence in the policy documents ensuring that they minimise unacceptable terms, compliance issues, avoidable claims whilst dealing with rising labour costs of highly skilled specialists.

With Imagefast's contract checking tool, policy accuracy checks can be automatically performed against your own risk appetite reducing the time to apply robust quality and improving contract quality. 

Join us for this Webinar, where we will show wordings technicians, underwriters and operations managers  how to streamline their review of contract documentation in order to carry out a higher level of quality control on contracts and provide a first class service to their customers. 


In the webinar we will cover how the Contract Confidence tool helps; 

  • Improve Quality of Contract Wordings - helping to alleviate the wordings skills shortage and allow wording technicians to focus on key contract wording issues.    

  • Process Contracts Quicker - helping to improve business efficiency by filtering out the routine issues, reduce time spent on proof reading and checking contracts.

  • Reduce Disputed Claims - assist in reducing claims disputes due to ambiguous wordings which could result in unexpected exposures.

  • Compliance - helps to reduce time spent on compliance checking, audits and regular reporting.  

If you are interested in finding out more on how Imagefast's Contract Confidence can help you, please register for the webinar 

The webinar will be recorded and sent out to all registrants after the event.

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