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Supercharge your Customer Communication

with Imagefast Client Portal for Microsoft 365

Simplify the process of sharing documents and information with clients, reduce risk and increase security with the Imagefast Client Portal for Microsoft 365

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Overcome your business communication challenges

Client Portal for Microsoft 365

Increase Customer Engagement

Each client has access to their own secure client portal site that can be styled to match your organizations brand and configured to provide secure access to documents and data as well as news, video content and events


Automated uploads of documents to the Imagefast Client Portal with a single click from authorised internal users, or automatically based on rules or triggers from other business applications

Share Content with Confidence 

Automated document upload process that can apply security and permissions to external users, send automatic notifications to alert clients that a new document is available in the portal and convert Word and Emails to read-only PDF files as part of the upload process

Audit and Reporting 

Log external user access to their client portal site for auditing and reporting purposes

Mobile Devices

Accessible on traditional PC and computers as well as mobile devices such smart phones and tablets meaning your customers can get the information they need and connect with you more easily from anywhere


The client portal solution can be extended to fit in with other business applications already in use within your organisation

Improving how you interact with your clients 

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Built for Microsoft 365


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