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Imagefast helping organisations to understand the benefits and strategies to data capture

Paper documents still make up a large proportion of the information, contracts and reports that organisations have to deal with. In order to process, manage and control these paper documents, organisations need to look at ways of digitising and converting them into an electronic format so that they can be saved, found and shared more easily.

Recent events have shown that organisations may not always have access to their paper documents and if they are still reliant on paper then their business processes could be severely affected.

There are several options that organisations have to implement data capture solutions, how they should approach the scanning of their paper documents and the strategies they can develop to help the flow of information around their organisation.

There are many factors to consider when implementing a scanning solution as requirements for scanning may exist in many areas within the organisation. The key questions that should be asked before embarking on any data capture or scanning solution should be;

1) Do I understand the basics and the terminology used in data capture such as OCR, back scanning

2) What are the benefits that data capture or scanning can provide my organisation

3) what are the different approach's that can be taken for scanning such as Departmental, mail room, which will suit my business requirements and internal processes.

4) How do I develop an effective scanning strategy, there are 3 key aspects to consider here identifying what you need, defining a policy for scanning and implementing the process.

5) Should I undertake the process internally or out-source to a third party and what are the benefits of both options

Once you gain an understanding in the areas above you will be able to plan out an effective data capture process for your organisation.

To help you achieve this Imagefast have written a whitepaper that takes you through the 5 key areas providing insight and tips on how to get your data capture process in place.

To read the whitepaper click on the link below

ImageFast White Paper - Introduction to Scanning
Download PDF • 903KB

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